The ODIS Solution

On Demand Interpretation Services™ provides cost-effective courtroom solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the judicial market. We help you keep court costs under control while increasing the accuracy and efficacy of court testimony. Our goal is to provide you with the technology and expertise to easily and accurately capture and convey the full scope of information that you need.

Our end-to-end suite of services includes:

Certified Interpreters On Demand™

Our team of interpreters is ready when you need them, whether that's in your courtroom, jail, conference room, or via live video teleconferencing. Our interpreters are fluent in over 170 languages, including American Sign Language. We are in compliance with the recommendations of the American Bar Association and the National Center for State Courts Access to Justice Programs.

Additionally, ODIS is able to allow hearing-impaired and non-hearing-impaired individuals who are in the same location to easily conduct conversations through the use of a remote interpreter, video conferencing technology, and a fast Internet connection.

On Demand Court Reporting and Transcription Services

We provide court transcripts for your courtroom deposition or recorded CD that are both cost effective, accurate, and with a quick turn-around.

Depending on a court's specific needs, a VRI VTC session may be conducted by scheduling an appointment beforehand or completing a "User Profile" and opting for the "ON DEMAND" service.

Certified Interpreter Training Program

Certified court interpreters are in increasing demand due to legislation and federal court as well as state supreme court initiatives. Often, there is a need for more than one interpreter for a given case or proceeding. ODIS offers a patented, professional training program that leads to certification of court interpreters at both the state and federal court exam levels. Interpreters who successfully complete our program will be certified at a standard that meets and/or exceeds state certification requirements in their target languages.

Qualified applicants will possess a college degree and be a native speaker of one of the target languages and fluent in English and able to pass a rigorous background/security clearance. To inquire about the Certified Interpreter Training Program, contact us via email at


  • ODIS uses an innovative subscription pricing model that results in a significant cost savings.
  • We charge at a fixed subscription rate where you pay only for what you actually use, no minimum and no travel time.
  • Volume discount subscriptions.
  • Easier billing makes it possible to bill your expenses as a line item. Fixed monthly billing plans add a fixed cost to your bottom line and enables easy justification to your funding authority.
  • Remote On Demand service eliminates extra travel time, hotel, and associated costs.
  • Discount rates available for multiple interpreters or daily usage.

Why Choose ODIS?

  • Fast service!
  • Estimates within 24 hours
  • Professional quality guaranteed
  • Best translation and interpretation agency rates
  • Interpreters available¬†per state and federal guidelines on demand.

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